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  tel. 501 704 752
Legal aid for foreigners

About me.

My name is Małgorzata Oliferuk-Zaborska. After graduating law at University of Białystok in 2007 and passing an extensive exam in 2012 I’ve become an attorney at law. Since 2012 I’m a member of The District Bar Council in Białystok and work as an attorney in my hometown Białystok.

The pillar of my work is to help people find the best legal solution possible. I specialize in criminal, civil and family law. I represent Poles and foreigners in polish courts not only in Białystok but also in major polish cities like Warsaw, Cracov, Poznan,Wroclaw etc.

Within my chambers I provide wide services such as:

  • writing and preparing legal advices, petitions, application notices etc.
  • full representation in courts in civil, family and criminal cases.


My services can be performed by the phone or on-line- via e-mail, Skype etc. within working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am till 6 pm. Of course there is also possibility to arrange call at your leisure time.

If you need professional handling of you case contact my law firm:

Attorney Małgorzata Oliferuk-Zaborska

Phone: +48 501 704 752


Adress: Legionowa 14/16 lok. 115 15-209 Białystok

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